The Players Part 3 “Dylan”

And then there is this character.  Meet Dylan, the not quite 13yr old polydactyl kitty who I rescued after his mother was hit by a car and killed when little D was only 5wks old.  I had never owned a cat before, moreover a little kitten.  He was soooo cute when I brought him home and he took an instant attraction to my then Golden, Maverick.  Oh did he LOVE that dog.  He would hang off of his tail and his ears, but did Mavy care?  Heck no!  So Dylan grew up thinking that he was a dog I guess.  Only problem is at 7mo of age I had him declawed 😥  I will never do that one again.  After that, he was never the same.  He turned to biting for defense…and biting HARD.  He’s better now that we have him on his antianxiety meds, but once again I had to learn my lesson the hard way.  Any future cats (if Doug will allow them in the house) will not be declawed. 

Dylan mainly sleeps these days in his “donut pillow” in our bedroom.  He and Miles get along wonderfully, but Rue likes to terrorize him.  We keep them separated as much as possible and we’re hoping she’ll eventually lose interest….right?

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