Things my dogs find reinforcing.


So following on the tails of my last post, I decided to pull up my list of reinforcers for Miles and then create one for Rue.  I am determined to find something that turns her on and then hopefully find a way to channel that into things that I can better use in training.

Here is Miles’ list as of very recently (A is highly reinforcing and E is the least reinforcing):

Reinforcers for Miles



Orange rubber ball                                                                              A

Any other ball                                                                                      B

Tug ropes                                                                                            B

Frisbee                                                                                                C

Playing “fetch” with the Chuck it                                                           A

Swimming                                                                                            A

Hiking in woods                                                                                   C

Sniffing                                                                                                 D

        String Cheese                                                                                       B         

Cheddar cheese                                                                                    B

       Hot dogs                                                                                              C        

Salami                                                                                                  C

Raw meat (his meal)                                                                              A

Cooked chicken/turkey                                                                         B

Hard boiled eggs                                                                                   A

Raw eggs                                                                                              B

Easy Cheese                                                                                          B

Peanut butter                                                                                         E

Liverwurst                                                                                             B

Cream Cheese                                                                                       B

Charlie Bears                                                                                         C

Kibble as treats                                                                                     C

Freeze dried tripe                                                                                   B

Freeze dried liver                                                                                   B

        Dog biscuits                                                                                           C        

Petting                                                                                                   C

Verbal Praise                                                                                         C

Wrestling with me                                                                                  B

Playing with other dogs                                                                         C

Playing with Rue                                                                                   C

Chasing squirrels, etc.                                                                           A

Chasing Me                                                                                          B

Jolly Ball                                                                                               C



Now here’s Rue’s list.  Notice how most of the things that she finds reinforcing have nothing to do with me??  This has to change.

Reinforcers for Rue



Eating grass                                                                                          A

Various balls                                                                                         D

Tug ropes                                                                                             C

Frisbee                                                                                                 C

Swimming                                                                                             D

Hiking in woods                                                                                    C

Sniffing                                                                                                 A

        String Cheese                                                                                       B         

Cheddar cheese                                                                                    B

        Hot dogs                                                                                              B         

Salami/pepperoni                                                                                  B

Raw meat (meals)                                                                                 B

Cooked chicken/turkey/roast beef                                                         B

Cheese tortellini                                                                                    B

Raw eggs                                                                                             C

Easy Cheese                                                                                         A

Peanut butter                                                                                        C

Liverwurst                                                                                            B

Cream Cheese                                                                                      B

Charlie Bears                                                                                        C

Kibble as treats                                                                                    C

Freeze dried tripe                                                                                 B

Petting                                                                                                  D

Verbal Praise                                                                                        D

Wrestling with me                                                                                 C

Playing with other dogs                                                                         A

Chasing things                                                                                       A

Chasing Me                                                                                          C



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