PBH Run thru’s 11/28/08

I wanted to go to Friday night run thru’s the day after Turkey Day since it was supposed to be an Advanced Jumpers course and I need all of the practice I can get since we’ve moved up and have a trial in mid-January.  I dragged my mom and my uncle there to watch, but to my chagrin the course wasn’t set up and they were planning to do Steeplechase.  I didn’t mind Steeplechase because it is mostly jumps (plus the a-frame and weaves) and it would still be good practice.  We had to wait awhile and I had to help set the course so my family was quite frozen by the time I got to run.  The good news is, Miles did great!  He’s really moving out and his strides are really getting bigger.  Since he’s so much faster I am actually losing him to off-courses much more often as I’m not cueing turns fast enough and he’s more confident to take jumps, etc. on his own.  What I liked about this course was that it gave me an opportunity to work on our “grab the collar” turns, post turns, and weave entries at speed.  I ran it twice, both times I lost him to an off-course, but I was very happy with our performance.  He actually hit the weaves so fast in our second run that he missed pole 3!  I’ll take it 🙂

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