Miles rocks!  We didn’t have class tonight as our instructor is out of town, but I brought both dogs with me to PBH so I could work them briefly before and after teaching Pet Obedience.  I saved Miles’ work to after class so that I could use the ring that’s normally occupied by our Novice Sequences class.  We took his dinner (chopped up raw chicken) into the ring and I set up the scary teeter with a chair under the down end and played the bang game with him.  He was excited to play and didn’t care that the teeter was in a totally different spot than it was yesterday.  I did about 8 reps with the chair under the down end and then took the chair away.  Miles didn’t miss a beat and offered to launch himself back onto the teeter for bits of his dinner.  He jumped on at the pivot and then flew to the end.  After a few reps of this I decided to add throwing his favorite ball on release.  WOW was he excited!!  We ended our session with a few turns through the weaves and called it a night.

Rue was amazing as well.  Poor thing has a hurt tummy again today and woke me up last night whining in her crate.  She only made one peep, so I didn’t take her out because she didn’t make any other noises.  When I finally took her out this morning she had very loose stool…guess that’s what happens when you eat unidentified wild animal poop like it’s going outta style–ew.  Because of her tummy issues, we witheld her food for the day.  By the time I saw her tonight she seemed great, but I’m sure very hungry.  It worked to our advantage though because she was VERY motivated to work for the cooked turkey I had with me tonight.  We spent a little while working on some simple tricks outside of the arena and then I got her revved up and sent her around a cone…she was MOVIN’!  We did about 5 reps before she seemed to slow down and start to sniff.  I got her back enough to do another trick or two and then ended the session.  After I worked with Miles I took Rue out again, but this time into the small field.  Again we did some tricks and then I got her revved up and sent her around a jump wing.  She’s never seen a jump wing before, but intuitively knew what to do.  Once again, she was moving really good.  I did a few post turns and a few front crosses trying to keep her reward level high and then we ended with a few tricks.

What I learned tonight:
– Miles is really gaining confidence in so many areas.  I need to keep it in perspective and make sure I don’t push him too fast.
– Rue appears to do best when very hungry.
– I need to end sessions with Rue WAY before I think I need to.  She’s a wee pup after all with a tiny puppy brain.

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