Training goals for Rue.


1.  Try to keep what I want her attitude to be (bold, confident, fast, drivey) in the forefront of my mind any time we go to train.

2.  Continue to do restrained recalls, push back and chase, and recalls from a stay as often as possible.  Try to change my direction every 10 feet or so and stop to tug often.

3.  Take her to two new places each week and play games, work on commands and tricks.

4.  Continue to shape her to put all four feet in smaller containers.  Right now she’s putting them in a 6×8 inch cardboard box.

5.  Play on the buja board often.

6.  Teach her as many new tricks as possible including weaving through my legs.

7.  Ladder work.

8.  Continue with flat work and cones.

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