Puppy update 12/5/08

So I took Miles to PBH run-thru’s tonight to play on an Advanced Standard course.  He was smokin’ tonight which honestly is starting to become his norm!  Not sure what’s happened, but my boy’s got skills….and he’s FAST! 

Anyway, I brought the little miss with me and boy did we have fun!  I have no problem getting her to engage with me when alone in the field.  She and I had a ton of fun working on recalls to side and chase-tug-chase games.  We played with her floppy frisbee and she was loving it!  I think her teeth have finally stopped hurting because she’s was diggin’ having me swing her around by her toy.  We played for probably 5-10 minutes before I ended the game and put her back.

Later after I was finished running Miles I took her back out and brought her into the field while other dogs were running.  She noticed them, but was more interested in what she was going to do with me-yay!  I decided to just shape her to get on a plastic chair which she figured out very quickly so then I shaped her to crawl under it.  She was so focused on what we were doing, it was awesome!  The little stinker.

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