Miles teeter and handling private lesson 12/7/08


Miles and I had another private with Melanie today before the puppy workshop in order for her to see our progression on the blasted teeter.  Miles has really been doing well with this method and I’ve started dropping it about 4-6 inches from the ground.  I worked on it at home on 12/4 and at PBH on 12/5 and both times he was a little slower than I’d like, but still happy to play.  He was slow from the get go, not after I started dropping it.

Today he rocked!  Melanie showed me a way to work on building up drive for the release from the teeter as well, so we worked on that too.  Basically once he’s gotten his reward on the teeter, I’m to push him back and say “readyyyyyyyyyy” and release him and run to an obstacle or throw his ball.  He LOVED that!  We worked on the teeter in the big field first at 1/2 height and then went over to the small field to the aluminum teeter as he’s actually been liking this one better recently–go figure.  He did great and we actually brought it up to full height after a few reps and he didn’t miss a beat.  He did lose his canter stride on this teeter, but it was gone from the beginning so we’re not sure what to make of that.  Maybe he was just getting tired of it since we had already done so many reps?!  She said he was still driving to the end though.

After the teeter stuff, we worked on some handling particularly working on the “grab the collar” front cross wrap and then a short course on 10 obstacles with a tricky weave entry and a tunnel under the a-frame flip to the a-frame with 10ft of lateral distance.  Miles killed it!  I had some issues with doing the post turn on the double jump and kept pushing him wide to the off-course tire, but his enthusiasm was unstoppable and he kept working despite my shortcomings!

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