Miles Run-throughs Sugarbush Farm 1/4/08

Miles did fabulous today at the run-throughs!  They were held at that cool place, Sugarbush Farm, that I rented last week.  What a great group of folks there too…it was $15 for 4 standard runs in the morning (they changed the course twice) followed by lunch and then several more runs after that on a gamblers course!  They also provided breakfast of a coffee cake, coffee, hot cocoa, and cider!!  I only stayed for 3 runs though…didn’t want to push it and his last run was stellar.
He was a little worried at first just because of the other people/dogs in the building this time, but he came around very quickly so we went into the ring.  I brought him towards the back and just did a couple tricks and then did one jump and rewarded, then two jumps and rewarded, then went on to do everything in no particular order.  You will see him spook at one point and that was someone slamming the door and then snow slid off the opaque roof which is why he looks up.  Again, he recovered quickly–yeah! 

The second run I tried to do the novice course they had set up.  As you’ll see on the video, the start jump was very close to the ring gates and it was hard for him to unfocus from the croud.  They also turned off the heater which had been making some nice white noise, so all of a sudden everything else was magnified.  I was proud of him for starting with me and having fun, but we struggled with the last tunnel-jump as it was that same jump at the end as the start. 

Our last run was a different course and it was more advanced.  I thought we had a good chance of doing the whole thing, so that’s what we did (except I diverted him away from the teeter).  He looked great except for a small bobble going into a tunnel…I think it was something in the crowd that distracted him.  However, if you’ll notice the door slams a few times and he doesn’t even react. 

Here’s to hoping that he’ll remember these experiences to help us succeed in our AKC trial indoors in a couple of weeks!

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