Training videos from vacation

I haven’t blogged in a while as we had been up in NY for a prolonged holiday and I was deliberately taking a break from my computer.  Of course I still kept up with the dogs’ training, so here are some videos.  Over the break we worked on several things, one was getting all four feet into an even smaller box.  When we left NC the smallest box they were getting into was about 8×10″ and here they are getting into a 6×6″ box!  I have since gotten them into a 5″ round dog bowl, but don’t have the video to show it yet.

Here’s Miles’ first attempts:

And here’s Miss Rue giving it a whirl first with a bigger box, then down to the little one:

We also worked on skateboarding.  I had been shaping Miles to the skateboard since last Spring at my mom’s.  I don’t have a skateboard at home, so we only play on it in NY.  He had always been on it outdoors and I started with the skateboard on grass so it didn’t move much, then on the gravel road next to the house and eventually out on the road.  Here he is doing it in the basement since there has been so much snow and ice.  It moves faster on the smooth basement floor so he’s a bit more tentative and doesn’t actually get on with 3 feet yet, but that’s the goal.  There’s also not too much room to move around.  Here’s the video:

And here’s the little doodlehead.  She just started skateboarding on this vacation.  I started her right out in the basement, but kept my feet behind the wheels so it didn’t move at first while I shaped her to get on with 3 feet.  Then I let it move a little more and a little more and then eventually she was riding it!  The goal with her is also to ride it with 3 feet and push with one rear foot which she does a few times in the video, but we still need to work on it.


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