Training update 1/18/09

It’s good to be back home and able to do more agility related training after being in NY for so long.  I haven’t been able to do any real teeter work with Miles since early December, so I was curious as to how he’d do.  I also wanted to do some handling exercises with him to test his weaves since he had trouble with them yesterday at our trial.  With Rue my goal was to do more handling with her working on trying to get her to drive ahead of me around the standards and for me not to have to use my hand to guide her around.  I also was thinking of introducing some low key teeter games for her.  So I packed up the pups and headed to PBH…..

I started with Rue and worked on motivational stays first along with some recalls to heel.  She was perfect with all of these–yay!  Next I tried out some handling moves with her.  I really think she’s getting into the game now.  I didn’t lose her at all throughout any of our training today and even at times when she appeared to not know what I wanted she stayed with me and worked it out.  I was very proud of her today.  Here are some videos of the handling we did:

I also introduced her to movement on the teeter.  She seemed a bit concerned the first one or two times I moved the board under her, but after that she could care less!

As for Miles…he’s a rock star.  He played on that teeter like he never missed a beat.  I even dropped it from almost full height!  He’s really loving the release too and driving off the end. 

We did our other teeter games too:

As for our weaves?  He nailed every single one of his entries, no matter what I did….so I think it was just the stress of the trial that couldn’t allow him to think about weaving.

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