Training update 1/24-25/09

Well despite my severe depression and utterly crabby attitude because of the trial cancellation I was able to pull myself out of my funk enough to work on some stuff at home.  My plan for Miles was to progress to dropping the teeter from full-height  and then hopefully start to work towards decreasing the amount of time that I hold the end up for him.  The goal for Rue was to add in using a tunnel to our handling and keep her speed and drive up.  I really need her to want to drive ahead of me to take obstacles…she seems to like to gallop along with me and wait for me to show her where to go.  Not sure if this is a product of something I’ve done (like working on so much shadow handling when she was littler) or if it is a reflection of some lack of confidence in her job.  I also wanted to introduce her to the teeter bang game.

Saturday’s teeter session for Miles was pretty good!  He was quite drivey and I was able to progress to dropping it from full-height.  My teeter recoils a lot more than the alluminum one at PBH and the base moves a lot too.  I’m very pleased that he was able to work despite the differences.  He fell off once due to speed, jumped off from the top for unknown reasons, and launched himself into his 2o/2o too early once.  I never know if these things will affect his later performances, so time will tell when I bring him back out tomorrow.  One thing I do know is that I either need to weight down my tunnel bags more or get better ones as the tunnel is moving and I think this is absorbing a lot of his energy as he exits.

Sunday’s session was even better.  His speed seemed to be faster and I dropped from full-height on each rep.  He didn’t bail at all this time.  I even started to decrease the time that I’m holding up the end 🙂

Rue did pretty good on Saturday.  At first she had some difficulty navigating the new equipment that I had put out (jump wings, triple jump standards, cones, and the tunnel).  She wanted to do tight turns around these bigger standards and couldn’t quite get it at first.  However, she came through and did quite well.  I love her drive in and out of the tunnel and once again she is really into the game.  She did pick up a stick at one point, but I stole it from her and she was right back into what we were doing.  I also experimented with pushing her back before running away from her which did seem to fire her up a bit more.  Will have to see where that goes.

Sunday’s work was not so good.  I accidentally left the cooler and Miles’ ball under the teeter which was waaaaay too much of a distraction for her.  I tried to work past it, but the little stinker stole the ball and ran off with it!  I got her back, but then did too many obstacles in a row which demotivated her a bit.  The next rep she picked up a stick while chasing me–uhhhh, not exactly the drive I’m looking for!  Oh well, you gotta have your bad with your good right? 

She did great with the bang game though!  I actually got some more drive out of her later by using her tug toy, but unfortunately that didn’t get on tape.  I will need to experiment with this more.

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