Miles Show and Go Teamworks 1/31/09

I am just continuing to be surprised and amazed by my boy’s improvements over the last 6 months.  He is just blowing me away!  I took him up to Teamworks for a show and go (like a run-through) on Saturday with the purpose of getting him used to the sand ring and being able to run some harder courses there.  They had two rings set up, one with a JWW course and the other with a Standard course.  Miles is still not quite to the point of doing a teeter unassisted, so that was not part of my gameplan for the day.  I walked both Open/Advanced courses because I wanted to work through some of the challenges we’ll be seeing in our upcoming trials now that we are out of Novice.

Miles was SO excited when we pulled onto the road to get to the facility.  I am pretty sure this is because there is a doggie swim pond onsite, but I could be wrong as he does seem to like to trial there.  Anyway, he was vibrating with excitement so much so that he almost launched himself out of the car when I got out to go see what I needed to do to sign up 🙂 

Anyway, we ran the Standard course first.  It started tunnel-teeter-tunnel, so I just bypassed the first two obstacles and started with the second tunnel.  He did great!  Extremely fast and drivey.  He hit his soft-side weave entry the first time and even drove into a tunnel in a corner (the site typically stores all of their extra equipment along the outsides of the rings so for dogs who are distractable or who have fears (Miles) this can be quite challenging).  However Miles didn’t even seem to notice  that or the fact that it was very windy and things were blowing about (another former trigger for him).  I was so pleased.  Here are two videos from our first run.  The first video is the numbered course and the second is just me playing around.

I did the JWW course next in the grass ring and again he was flying!  Missed the weave entry the first time, but he got it the second attempt!  No video for this one, unfortunately.

Back to the sand ring to tackle the Standard course again as well as put him on the down end of the teeter and play our little game of me pulling it up with my foot and letting it bang down under him.  I had tested the teeter earlier and it is LOUD, so I didn’t know how he’d react.  His standard run was great again although I didn’t communicate the turn after the first tunnel correctly and in retrospect should have done a front cross instead of a rear and then do a front after the a-frame.  Oh well, live and learn.  We got it right at the end as I took him back to redo it.  His energy seemed down a little on this run though…not sure why.  As far as the teeter went, he got right on it and I raised it about 6″ and let it bang.  Miles flew off the end of it and looked back at it like “whoa, what the hell was that?!”.  I just laughed at him and he decided maybe it wasn’t all that bad and got back on and let me do a few more reps.  Unfortunately, it didn’t all bet on video, but you can see one rep here:

And the second Standard run:

It was getting late and I wanted to get in one more JWW run, so I went immediately over to the other ring without much of a break for Miles.  He did pretty good, but I could really tell that he had slowed down.  We are having problems with that soft-sided entry and I’m pretty sure it is me not waiting and keeping my hips open to the poles until he’s entered them.  We will need to practice this more at speed for sure.

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