Training update 2/5/09

Not too much going on lately on the training front, but I do have some updates.  Miles’ teeter is progressing at a rapid pace.  I met with my instructor for a private lesson last weekend and we moved the tunnel further away from the start of the teeter and had me only holding the end for 1/4 second!  He is so cool 🙂  Over the past few sessions I have progressed to only holding it until he’s a foot from the end of the teeter (instead of coming all the way to the end).  The goal is to continue holding it shorter and shorter until I’m not holding it at all, which shouldn’t take long!  I’m just so impressed with his confidence now and he’s working on 3 different teeters, 2 at PBH and the one at home. 

Here’s a short video from last night.  The teeter was a little frosty which is why I was a little tentative at first, but it didn’t seem to affect him so we quickly progressed!  Enjoy…

And now for Rue, well let’s just say she’s making Miles look way easy!  I also took a private with her last weekend and we just didn’t do well at all.  Unfortuntaly that morning she had woken up with pretty bad conjunctivitis in her left eye which I immediately started treating, but I can’t help but think that she just wasn’t feeling all that good.  We hadn’t had as bad of a session as this one in a really long time.  The biggest problem was just getting her motivated…she didn’t really care about chasing me or tugging and certainly was NOT up for our handling work and even hid out in the tunnel 😦  Once I got to using food she did come around, but we still just seemed disconnected.  Melanie suggested that I try a food sock (a tube sock filled with liverwurst) with her to see if that would get her fired up.  So I made one to try in class on Monday….and she loved it, but wouldn’t tug on it.  I’m going to have to keep experimenting with this thing to see what comes of it.  I used it Tuesday as a reward for her teeter bang game and she was psyched to lick liverwurst out of a hole in the toe, but still never got her mouth around it.

So last night I decided to try taking a rabbit hide and stuffing it inside an old knee high stocking for her to tug on.  Wow, did she like that idea!  Here’s her handling video from that session…she’s very fired up! 


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