And I thought Wednesday’s sessions were good….

Thursday’s were FANTASTIC!!  Normally on Thursday evenings I help Melanie set up her courses for her Advanced and Masters Sequence classes so I had both dogs with me at work all day in order to work them both before we get started.  All classes were cancelled last night due to the frigid temps, but I decided to go anyway since I had the dogs and all their stuff with me already.  I am SO glad that I did!

Miles’ teeter is amazing…he’s just an absolutely brilliant dog.  I am now holding it only until he gets about 1 1/2-2 feet from the end of the plank, so almost nothing at all!  The other cool thing that I have noticed is that he is driving to the end and  hunkering down in anticipation of the drop.  On a bad note, he’s moving so fast out of the tunnel that he’s actually striding over the up contact.  I will need to see if this continues once he’s doing a full teeter as I don’t want to quell his enthusiasm at this point.  In any case, enjoy the video…

Miles and I also started working on him staying in his contact position on the teeter indepent of my movement.  I did this while playing the bang game with him as I didn’t want to change anything with his other teeter performance.  We had a few good reps, but most of the time he left as soon as he saw that I was still moving.  I’m not sure if I will end up needing a stopped contact on the teeter in real life, but it’s not a bad idea to fade my motion out of the picture 🙂

Little miss Rue did really really well too.  I used the rabbit hide again and she’s still really diggin’ it.  Of course that could change tomorrow, but for now it’s working 😉  What I loved about her handling performance last night was not only her speed but her willingness to drive out away from me a bit to take the obstacle.  You’ll notice in one rep she’s a little slow and it’s because she got a piece of the rabbit hide stuck in her mouth and was trying to decide what to do with it.  However, she still played with me even if it wasn’t the speediest and then decided to spit out the piece in her mouth in favor of tugging with me!  Major points for that one!  Here she is:

And we did the bang game too.  I am still trying to figure out how to use this food sock with her.  Right now I am letting her lick out of it as a reward for playing on the teeter.   I’d like to see more driveyness on the teeter, but if this is like other things we’ve done together the speed will come in time with more understanding.  So for now I am rewarding every interaction she has with the up end.  After we played that game I did try to get her to interact more with the sock and she did actually take it in her mouth a couple of times!  I made a huge deal about that of course!

Overall, this was my best session with both dogs hands down.  I am so excited to see what happens next time!

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