Saturday morning teeter training.

Well as the title would imply, we took the dogs out to the training center to work on their teeter performances.  I brought my husband so that I could have someone restrain Miles while I recalled him up the teeter.  I wanted to see if there was a big difference with his performance between the way I had been doing it by myself and the tunnel and with restraint and no tunnel.  I also wanted to continue to decrease how far he went up the plank before I let go.  For Rue I wanted to do more of the bang game and some handling.

Miles did great!  I am no longer holding the teeter at all.  As soon as his weight starts to move the board I let go!  Here he is on the wooden teeter both with the tunnel and with restraint.  I don’t think there is much of a difference here:

And one set on the aluminum teeter with restraint:

Rue and I did some slow motion handling with me walking and using treats which I didn’t get on video.  She really liked that!  Here’s her teeter bang…I definitely think I need to lower it more to get her hopping on it with all 4 feet again.


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