Teamworks USDAA trial 2/8/08: Miles gets his first Pairs and Snooker Q’s!

What a beautiful day we had for our trial today, bright blue sky and the high temps reaching about 73 degrees.  Unfortunately, I got a bit sunburned…oops!

Miles was entered in P1 Pairs (a relay), P1 Snooker, and P2 Jumpers in that order.  I was most nervous about Pairs since he isn’t teetering yet, I wasn’t sure which part of the relay I’d get.  Much to my relief, the woman and dog we were partnered with had gotten their P1 Pairs title yesterday so they didn’t care about the Q and she agreed to take the second half containing the teeter.  Phew!  My part of the course was quite simple except for a tunnel end discrimination (that we almost missed) and a soft-side weave entrance (not our best side).  My biggest concerns, however, were about how Miles would react to me carrying a baton (frequently he fears anything new/different when it comes to trials) and how he would do once we finished our part and had to stay and watch our partner finish (ie. couldn’t go straight out and get our cookies).  Well, he thought the baton was a toy (COOL) and he didn’t care at all about staying in the ring even with the other dog struggling with the craziest loudest teeter in the world!  We came in second and still under time even with all of my partner’s restarts on the teeter, which says a lot about the speed of our half!  Of course I didn’t know where to get the baton from at first as you can see in the video….

Next up was Snooker, a crazy game of speed, strategy, and accuracy.  We have never Q’d in Snooker for various reasons, but one thing has always been the same from one course to another…he doen’t like the special Snooker flags they put up.  Again, it’s something different than normal.  True to his form, he refused the first jump and stared at the flag for a second.  After rewatching the video, it’s clear that he initially reacted to the judge calling out his first point “ONE” which then led him to look up and get nervous about the flag (he always looks up when he’s unsure…guess he wants to see if something is swooping down to eat him).  He got over it quick though and we went on to run a perfect course and finished the end sequence with several seconds to spare!  We came in second because of points.

Last was P2 Jumpers, our strongest game by far.  Unfortunately this one didn’t make it on video.  Some great points about our performance were that I left him at the start line with a 2 jump lead out and he went through a tire that was very small and that he’d never seen before TWICE!  I messed him up on the second to last jump because I should have done a rear cross, but thought I could beat him there and just push him out over that jump…..but he was too fast 🙂  Alas, no Q but we did finish 3rd at 4.5yps even with our major bobble at the end.

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