It’s official….

Miles is Fabio 🙂  He did the teeter unassisted in class last night not once, but SIX times!  Yep, the scary loud teeter.  Yep, in class.  Yep, with dogs running sequences in other parts of the ring.  Yep, he did it….and I don’t know what to think.

I keep trying to be excited for us, but I’m left with this feeling similar to the one I felt after I finished my first Half Ironman.  I worked SO hard for Miles’ teeter, just like I trained myself SO hard for that damn race, that now it just feels kind of anti-climactic.  Both of those goals seemed so unsurmountable at first, but now that they’re done I’m like “huh, now what do I do”.  I’m weird, I know, it’s okay.
Honestly I never in a million years thought he’d do a teeter in competition and now I’m thinking that he will and that scares me!  He’s no longer the “oh he doesn’t teeter” dog and once again I find myself outside of my bubble.  Sigh.

This also means that I am moving out of Novice class and into Advanced Sequences class, which is awesome!  I’m psyched to be able to work longer sequences in class now, especially since we are trialing at the Advanced level.  I really can’t wait to see what happens once I start sequencing the teeter in class. 

I’m going to practice his teeter after I teach tonight and take some videos.  More later….

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