Wiggle Butts CPE Trial APS 2/14-15/09: Miles goes 8 for 8 and gets his Level 1 title!

Whew, I’m exhausted.  The quick synopsis is that Miles is amazing and had 4 happy and fast runs each day.  We did a gamblers type course for the first and second time this weekend and he handled the distance challenges with ease.  I’m realizing that with his new found speed and extended stride that I need to cue turns a lot earlier!  We had a few hairy wide turns and two almost off courses because I didn’t cue him to turn soon enough, oops!  Even more amazing was his brilliance while waiting to go in the ring and also his comfort with partying right outside the ring.  He even hung out with me while I videotaped my friend’s run a couple of times!  He never would have done this before.  As an added bonus Miles, Rue and I found a nice walking path in the woods that led to a swimmin’ hole….what more could a Golden ask for??  I’ll be back later for more of a play-by-play with videos.


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