Wiggle Butts CPE trial play-by-play


First run was Jumpers.  Pretty straight forward course of jumps and tunnels, no tricks.  I pushed for speed and unfortunately couldn’t slow myself down before the tire and he jumped extended and had a rather wide turn back to the tunnel.  We still came in first and at 5.25yps 🙂

Next was Snooker, perhaps my new favorite game!  Just jumps and tunnels for this course too.  I picked a nice flowing course and MADE myself slow down for him out of the second tunnel to cue the front cross.  He picked up on this nicely and rocked out the rest of the course!  Q and a 4th place because of points (really I tied for third place and only 2 points behind the first place dog).

Third run was Wildcard where you have to pick between two obstacles at three different spots on the course.  In level 2 I needed two “a” obstacles and one “b” obstacle.  I chose to do my “b” obstacle at the tunnel because I need to work on deceleration cues.  I figured if it worked then we’d be set for a fun and fast finish, but if it didn’t then I’d have to get him on the dogwalk at the end instead.  He read my cue and took the correct entrance and then we rocked the rest.  1st place at 5.1yps!

The last class of the day was Jackpot which is like a USDAA Gamblers course.  We had never done one and I was a little concerned about how I’d figure out a course in the allotted time, but I walked a course like I’d run it with Miles and timed it to see if it would work for time which it did and also gave us more than enough points.  Of course I forgot that I should slow down and wrap the last jump and go straight into the gamble since the buzzer hadn’t gone off yet I thought well I’ll put him back in the tunnel.  Miles started up the dogwalk instead and I had to pull him off when the buzzer went off–oops!  He did the gamble very well though!  We got a Q and 3rd place because of points.


First run was Standard.  We needed this Q to complete our Level 1 title.  Luckily it was very straight forward, fast and fun.  We took 1st by 13 seconds at 4.5yps even with his less than blazing dogwalk 😉

Second run was Colors where there are two nested courses and you have to choose one of them.  I picked the course with just jumps and tunnels since his dogwalk is not very fast (I’m amazed he’s doing it at all actually).  I’m seeing a theme here as I didn’t cue the turn soon enough and mister extended stride jumped wide.  I’m trying to get used to his new found speed I suppose.  Anyway that cost us the 1st place by .5 seconds…grrrr!  He still finished in 6.3yps though-ha!  Oh and I also tested a lead out here…didn’t seem to bother him at all!

Next was Fullhouse, a timed point gathering game that also requires you to get “3 of a kind”, “a pair”, and “a joker”.  Big dogs had 30 seconds to gather points and the 5 seconds after the buzzer to get on the table to stop the clock.  The judge was tricky and stuffed the table into the nook of a macaroni tunnel.  I figured either Miles wouldn’t get on the table because it was too weird of a place for it or he’d take the tunnel instead.  I timed it so that I would purposely send him into the tunnel and then get him on the table.  Unfortunately a wide turn before the triple (there’s that theme) cost us a few seconds so we were actually 2 seconds over time and lost a point per each second.  We still Q’d, but took 4th place due to points.  The video is a bit wonky, but you can still see it okay.

I actually only signed up for those three runs, but the day was going fast so I did a day of entry for the next class, Jackpot.  We moved up from level 1 yesterday, so I just needed to get more points today.  The course was a “non-traditional gamble” so we were able to take the gamble at any time.  There were also 3 gambles to take of which you had to do one, but could do all of them.  I planned a flowing course incorporating two gambles.  Unfortunately silly me went over the second gamble line.  Thankfully we had already done the first one, so I got points for the obstacles in the second gamble but not the gamble bonus.  I still had enough points to Q and being the first dog on the line, he made it look too easy!  Shame his handler was such an nim-wit!

I noticed that he was a little spazzy at the start line all day on Sunday and I’m not totally sure why.  I think it’s just the proximity of the startline to the timer/scribe, but I’ll have to see what happens this coming weekend.  All in all, he was totally comfortable waiting in line at the gate and celebrating right outside of the exit, so I’m not overly concerned.  I just don’t like having to set him up so many times.

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