Fayetteville Kennel Club AKC trial 3/1/09 RAIN-A-PALOOZA

I’ve never been in trial that only lasted 3 1/2 hours before!  Of course when it is in the low 30’s, pouring rain, with wind gusts up to 30mph not many people come out to play.  It was so wet and cold today that more than half of the teams scratched, but oh we were there…and what fun we had 🙂

Miles was entered in Open Preferred Jumpers with Weaves and Novice FAST (our first attempt).  He hadn’t been teetering yet when we entered the trial, so no Standard run for us today.  I got there just in the nick of time to walk the JWW course.  It was so wet and raining so hard that there wasn’t a spot on the field that was above water, yuck.  No videos were shot today out of respect for my poor camera.

Here is the JWW course:


Miles was flying!  I planned a rear cross at the number 5 jump to avoid the off-course but he didn’t see the poles in time and entered at the second hole.  I called him back and he was happy to give it another try.  You’re allowed a refusal at the weaves in Open, so I just hoped for a clean remainder of the run.  Unfortunately, I planned to keep him on my right through the second to last tunnel thinking I could beat him and push him out to the correct entrance….not today, he was flying!  He took the incorrect entrance since I was too slow and then when I told him to tunnel again and gestured at the correct opening, he went back in the incorrect side again, brat!  Finally I stuffed him into the right end and we finished the course.  Here’s the amazing thing….with all of that monkeying around at the weaves and the last tunnel he still finished in 22.97 seconds!  That is 6.5yps and the fastest he’s ever finished any course at a trial!  Without all of those mess-ups I wonder what his time would have been???  Holy poo, my boy likes the rain!!

It wasn’t long before it was time to walk the Novice FAST course: 


The only other team running this course is in my Adv. Sequences class, so we got together and planned a nice flowing opening that allowed good speed into the send portion with still enough time to take some other jumps on our way to the finish.  Of course Miles had a different plan today.  I’ve never seen him so fired up.  He took any and every obstacle in our path (or not in our path) and was so pleased with himself for doing so.  Unfortunately, a refusal at the dogwalk in the send portion cost us the Q, but boy did we have fun.  I’ve never seen him so confident to just go off and take obstacles!  If he were a different dog I might think this to be a problem, but I just saw it as him having enough guts to try what he wanted.  Of course he took himself past the finish jump and out of the ring to get his ball, silly boy.  I had to call him back to go over the finish and stop his time.  Maybe I need to rethink leaving his ball and reward so close to the ring gates from now on.  I never thought I’d see the day…..

That’s all for now.  Next up AKC in Charlotte next weekend, then back at home for some NADAC games.

2 thoughts on “Fayetteville Kennel Club AKC trial 3/1/09 RAIN-A-PALOOZA

  1. How long did it take you to dry out after the runs? 😉 Ian and I did a rain-and-mudfest last year, and I was concentrating on a) running in the right direction and b) not falling in the mud that I never looked at him the whole run. He won the class with a blazing time for him.

  2. Oh it took a while. Maybe we should handle as if it’s raining more often…sounds like both Ian and Miles were faster in the rain 🙂

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