Charlotte Dog Training Club AKC trial 3/7/09

We traveled to Charlotte yesterday bright and early to do a couple of runs.  We’ve never been to this site before and I was pleasantly surprised.  The vendors were good and the facilities were very nice.  The trial was outdoors, but they had indoor bathrooms!  Of course I was just a little tired as we had gone out with friends the night before and then I had to get up at 5am for the 2 1/2 hour drive to the trial…ew.  Oh well, I survived and we had a pretty good day.  Highs were around 80 degrees and sunny….a stark difference from our rainfest last Sunday!  We ran Novice FAST first followed by Open JWW.  I only got the FAST run on video, unfortunately.

So I decided to be a little cavalier and planned a course that put the teeter as close to the last obstacle as possible.  I wasn’t sure he’d do it so I had a back up plan, but of course I was hopeful that he would.  The thing is, he’s never done a teeter anywhere other than home and PBH (and up until November he never did one outside of our home).  Unfortunately, Miles was a little taken aback by the crowds at the site and I think just a little too stressed to perform the teeter.  He actually refused the tire at first too, but did it on our second try.  I gave him two attempts at the teeter, but he went around it both times.  So we finished with my backup plan, but he went around the panel jump due to me not being in the right spot and by the time he went over it the whistle blew and we NQ’d by 3 points (the panel would have given us 4 extra).  Oh well.  To put it all in perspective, Miles was refusing dogwalks, tires, and chutes at trials on our hometurf even in November so he really has come a remarkably long way in the last few months.  I think now I need to just make sure I get him out and doing teeters in practice situations in as many places as possible…other peoples backyards, show and goes, maybe a drop in class, etc.  Here’s the run:

The JWW course was really open and not too twisty turny so I was looking forward to a fast run with Miles.  Now that he got the first run out of the way, I figured he’d be ready to let loose.  He smoked the course even with me leaving him in a stand stay for a one jump lead out.  He hit a very difficult soft side weave entry and then decided to sightsee and pulled out at the 7th or 8th pole 😦  I restarted him and he entered wrong, so that was 2 faults…bummer.  He went on to smoke the rest of the course, however.   NQ due to faults at the weaves and I forgot to write down our time to calculate yps, so I’ll have to wait until the results get posted on the trial secretary’s site in the next few days.

I’m chalking both little issues in the two runs to stress…new site, very crowded, 2 rings running simultaneously and very close together, and the heat.  I’m confident that when we go back next year he’ll be a different dog 🙂  So now I’m just going to take our teeter show on the road and continue to do more proofing exercises it at home and in class.

Next weekend we’re home for some silly NADAC games, then a local AKC trial the following weekend.  Whew, this trial every weekend until the summer thing is crazy!!

2 thoughts on “Charlotte Dog Training Club AKC trial 3/7/09

  1. It really was too hot, honestly. No one was used to it, especially the dogs. Plus they didn’t have a single kiddie pool or hose set up. And I got just a bit sunburned…oops!

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