Training update 3/15/09

I didn’t want this update to get lost within the trial notes, so I’m posting separately.  After we were done at the trial and went for our daily woods walk we came home to dry off and watch Duke win the ACC conference finals!  I had a date with a friend to use her teeter at 4pm, so after the game I packed poor sopping Miles back into the car with some meatballs and his favorite ball and headed out to try a new teeter.  We got to her house (again he’s never been here) got him out and walked around to her awesome agility yard.  Miles was like “oh cool, we get to play again”.  He scoped the place out quickly and then ran over to the teeter and put his paws on it like “hey ma, I found it!!”.  Again I started with a jump-reward, then jump-tunnel-reward, then jump-jump-tunnel-teeter and he nailed it!  No fear at all.  We did a couple more reps and called it a day.  Yahoo!  Tomorrow we hit 3 more different teeters in novel places.

When we returned, Rue was all fired up to do something since she had been stuck home alone with Daddy.  Apparently she whined the entire time I was gone, hmmm…interesting.  Since it wasn’t really raining at that point, I elected to do some board work with her.  Making sure she peed first, we did 10 reps and she was 10 for 10!!  Only 2 were a little high, but all were within the contact zone!  We’ll keep going with it flat until we get several sessions at 100% and then I guess it’s time to add some angle. 

No videos for either session since it was still very wet out and I didn’t want to bother setting up my tripod under an umbrella…..

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