Running contacts and teeters 3/17/09

For once, this update is all about Rue (as it should be she says).  I started her on the teeter today.  We’ve been playing the bang game at both ends for a while now and she’s the master of the buja board, so I thought it due time to start her on the real thing.  I am starting her out the way I retrained Miles as I had such great success with him.  My husband helped by restraining her for this first session.  Soon I will introduce the tunnel approach, so we can work alone. 

Our first rep, she hopped off at the pivot…not sure why, could have been the height.  She seemed confused, but wanted to get to me as I was holding liverwurst.  He guided her up it and then I lowered it.  Forgetting how hard it is on one’s forearms to do this method I inadvertently dropped the teeter from about 4-6″…oops!!  Good thing she has no fear of movement!  The next rep was equally as awkward at the start, but she then caught on very quickly.  I’ll start her with the tunnel approach tomorrow.

After I put her back and did some weave entries with Miles, it was time to do some board work.  My goal was to raise the board today since we’ve had such great sessions.  However, I started with it flat since I hadn’t videoed any of our recent sessions.  I wanted to make sure that it was the same by comparison once I raised the board.  I also marked a “contact zone” at 30 inches which is smaller than a USDAA contact, but if she can hit in that size then we should have no issues.  I still want to be jackpotting the lowest hits however.  Rue missed only once (no reward at all this time), but hit every other time nice and low so she was 90%.  We used little smoked sausages for everything…one left on top of the container for her to get easily and then I jackpotted from within the container.

Next after another short break I raised the board up on a 2×4.  She did great!  Her first rep, she stopped to sniff the soda I spilled while trying to raise the board (darn it), but I got her back and she was 100%.  I used anchovy paste from a tube as her jackpot and cheese in the bowl as a “lure”.

We’ll see how it goes tomorrow…………

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