Rue training update 3/18/09

Ahh, now I see why my friend/instructor said that this running contact training is an trip through manic-depression.  Sigh, we had a horrible night tonight.  Rue was only 30%, such a stark comparison to yesterday’s efforts.  I only hope that our next session will be better and that she has some latent learning going on in her noodle brain tonight!  She also left me twice during this session….I’d say it was due to frustration.  She missed 3 times, then hit, then missed, then left me, then missed, then left me again, then hit twice and missed twice.  Ugh. 

On the flip side, her teeter session was fantastic.  She was so excited to begin that she ran right over to it, up it, and slammed it down.  Delayed reaction of slight shock then set into her face as she hopped off and looked back at the teeter like it had offended her.  Of course, she’s so self confident that it didn’t bother her to go back on it for our training session.  I used the tunnel tonight to get her used to us working on this alone.  A couple of times she tried to bypass the tunnel, but that should stop once she figures out how the game works.  I think she looks great!

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