YAC AKC trial Day 1 Teamworks 3/20/09

I left work early today to make the drive up to Teamworks for our Open Preferred JWW run.  I signed up for this trial long before Miles had his teeter, so just JWW today and tomorrow.  Then I’m taking Sunday off, wow!

The judge was Jaime Ramirez who is notorious for some really tough courses.  True to his form, the Open course was…..interesting.  Since we’ve been 0 for 3 so far in Open, I wasn’t expecting to Q today.  Well it wasn’t pretty and it certainly wasn’t fast, but we pulled it off and came in with a Q and a 1st place, haha!  Miles really likes Teamworks…probably because of their doggie swim pond, but whatever the reason it’s nice that he’s as comfortable there as he is at PBH.  He read all of my cues for turns very very well and it was only me slightly forgetting where I was going that nearly caused the off course before the last jump.  Thank goodness Miles has a good understanding of a counterhand turn because he saved the run!  No video today because there weren’t many people I knew there after the Excellent folks left and I just wasn’t feeling like bothering anyone.  Tomorrow I’ll have more folks that I know around so hopefully we’ll get it on video.  Here’s the course map….can you say demotivating start???


I measured Rue for the 3rd time and at 2 days shy of 9 months she’s somewhere between 19.5″ and 20.5″.  Gosh I hope she stays 21″ or less!!  I also worked her at the practice jump with our recall to side behaviours and just some simple one jump handling.  The bar was set to 8″.  She had a blast and was bang on with everything I asked her to do.  I broke up the training session with several crazy chase/tug sessions and she was just really really into working with me, yay!  When we got home, I brought her out to do some teeter work.  I wanted to do a board session too, but ran out of time.  After only four sessions (3 at home and 1 at PBH) I’m now dropping the teeter from full-height.  She’s just so confident, I love it!  I’m sure she’d be able to do the teeter herself at this point, but I want to continue training it this way as I really like the look of Miles’ sliding teeter.  Video to come tomorrow of both the teeter and some board work.

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