Training update 3/22/09

I did my last session with Rue’s teeter today.  I wanted to get some reps on tape so that I could see where I left off since it’ll be several months probably before we see this obstacle again.  She did much better than yesterday…was very drivey up the board.  She fell off due to the rebound once and then the next rep she jumped off, but then had 2 very successful reps.  So I am leaving it as dropping the board from full-height after holding it for 1 second.

Then I set up a small course from the “Backyard Dogs” section of the latest Clean Run Magazine and took Miles out to work on some things.  We had a difficult time executing the 180 for some reason, but eventually got it together.

Rue came back out to do the same course, just with jump standards no bars.  I broke it down a lot further for her and she nailed it!  I was so impressed with her enthusiasm today.  I’ve struggled with this handling stuff for so long now.  It seems that we’ve definitely found a way to connect.  She doesn’t even think about leaving me today and even was boinging up at me after I rewarded her like she couldn’t wait to start another sequence!  I got her frisky a couple of times and she was really moving out fast.  YAY!

After those sessions I took a break to mow the lawn (gasp it’s only March, ugh)  while the pups chewed on raw marrow bones.  They were happy to be back into the groove of enjoying their bones on the lawn while I worked. 

Later I did some board work with Rue that I neglected to video.  Her session today was FAR better than our last.  She was 90% today.  Two of her hits were with her rear legs but were well within the contact zone.  I rewarded those, but not as highly as I did for the nice low front feet hits.  Feeling much better about the board today 🙂  I’ll give it a few more sessions to see if we’re consistent around 90% and then we’ll move it on up….

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