Back from the vet….

and we have no answers.  We didn’t see our regular vet and I really didn’t care for this woman much at all.  Her exam was very cursory (I did a much more thourough one even this morning) and she said “maybe her shoulder” and gave me Rimadyl and told me strict crate rest for TWO WEEKS.  Well, that’s not going to happen.  I’ll rest her for sure, but I think crate rest just is a bad idea.  I spoke with Melanie after our appointment and she agreed that crate rest will just lead to muscle atrophy everywhere which is not what we want.  So the plan is to keep her activity low this weekend and then go to a massage therapist on Tuesday evening for more of an exam and treatment.  I need to figure out what part hurts her so I can fix it.  Thanks to all the great work her breeders Gayle and Lise did with getting her used to touching and everything we did with her when we got her home, she’s GREAT for exams.  However, she’s so cooperative that you cannot tell what hurts.  Bleh, frustrating.  Thanks for all the well wishes for little Rue.  She’ll get some special treatment over the next week or so and we already bought her a new toy to destroy 😀

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