Figured I’d post a running contact training update from a few days ago.

Since I won’t be able to do any more work on the board for a while due to her mystery injury 😦

Rue’s board session on Tuesday evening was….interesting.  She was incredibly fired up and kept either knocking the board off the 2×4 or running to the side of the board.  I certainly can’t say anything bad about her enthusiasm!  She worked with me for 7 minutes straight and never got frustrated or left.  This was after we did some handling earlier in the evening alternating with some stuff with Miles.  She and I really seem to be connecting now.  Of course I say that and now she’s wounded so we will be unable to work together for a little while.

It ended up that Rue got rewarded for 88%, but really only hit 70% with half of those being either high or with her back feet.  She got me on three bad hits–oops!  This is why it really helps to video…

I would say that I need to start tightening up my criteria again and make sure we get at or above 90% for several successive sessions before I raise the board.  Unfortunately this will have to wait a bit.  Anyway, here’s the video.  She made me laugh so hard at some of her antics 🙂

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