Rue is limping.

And has been for about a week on and off.  It’s her left front leg.  I don’t recall any injury, but we did go for a long woods walk last Tuesday but that’s nothing new.  We noticed a slight limp on Wednesday, but then it seemed to disappear.  It’s been waxing and waning since then and we’ve been trying to rest her…which is nearly impossible.  I’ve given her Ascriptin for the last 5 days, but she’s still limping.   So off to the vet we go in a couple of hours.  I can’t say that I’m not scared for her.  Ugh.

4 thoughts on “Rue is limping.

  1. Devon over did it a lot as a puppy and frankly still does. She would over do it and then come up sore and limping. She jammed up her shoulder playing with her brother Jerry one day and it took a couple of weeks for her to get better. Hopefully Rue has just been a playful puppy and with rest will be fine.

    Do you have a good massage person and chiropractic vet? I highly recommend finding both and having regular appointments. Devon seems to jam her shoulders a lot (likely from launching herself off the deck). This shows up in a skip step in the rear, and I know it’s time for an adjustment when I see that.

    Keep us updated and give her a hug and kiss from us!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes ladies. I do think it’s her shoulder and yes, she’s a leaper so it’s very possible she jammed it.

    She’ll be going for a massage on Tuesday so in the meantime she’ll just get some TLC at home….

  3. This is way out in left field, but just to be absolutely sure, check her webbing and pads. Check the sweat glands between her toes and make sure nothing is caught in there. Griffin had a burr with prickers caught between his pads and while he wasn’t lame, if I hadn’t been poking around his feet, I never would have found it–and it had to have hurt! (He’s stoic).

    Emma had some irritated sweat glands between her toes and she was walking on 3 legs. She is the opposite of Griffin–a drama queen.

    We do regular woods walks too, so I have to watch for thorns, prickers, etc.

    I’m sorry to hear Rue is hurting.

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