Update on Rue the gimp

Well, I’m very happy to report that Rue has been limp free since Thursday evening.  Maybe it was the rest, maybe it was the Rimadyl, or maybe it was just Murphy’s Law that I take her to the vet and spend $85 to just have her get miraculously better that evening.  Whatever the cause, I’m thrilled to see her gaiting normally again!

As of today I’ve taken her off the Rimadyl and have now taken her for 2 short on-lead hikes.  The first was on Sunday and she stayed on a regular lead and I kept her pace pretty steady.  The trail was groomed and fairly flat so there wasn’t much for her to hurt herself on.  We walked for 30 minutes and then I took both dogs to the lake.  Rue stayed on a flexi so that I could prevent the inevitable “zoomies” when she got out of the water.  She did several short retrieves in the water and afterwards there was no sign of soreness at all. 

We had our agility foundation class last night and I let Rue do a few tricks for cookies and other very easy things for part of the class so she could feel like she was being included.  She’s been SO bored!  Mr. Miles got to fill in for her during the more active portions of class and he was more than happy to be a show-off 🙂

Today we went on a more unevenly surfaced hike and I let her use the flexi which allowed her to change her speed up more.  We walked for 45 minutes and so far so good–yeah!!  We go for our massage at 5:30 tonight 🙂  I hope she behaves herself……

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