Training update 4/1/09

After Rue’s massage last night I met up with Melanie over at her house to work Miles and her dog, Smitty.  We were going to rent a local agility club’s field, but apparently they had nothing set up and the lawn wasn’t mowed so we both decided that meeting at her house would be the better plan for the evening.  Miles has never trained there, so it was going to be a novel place and a novel teeter no matter where we ended up. 

Her dog Smitty is a wild child…probably going to be a World Champion kind of wild child….so it was fun to run right after her and see what the course looked like in slow motion 😉  Actually Miles did really well considering the new place and being out there with Smitty.  He’s only met her in passing, so it was cool to have them meet off lead.  There was really no interaction between the two of them, however.  Miles just avoided her a bit…she had a bit too much energy for him I think.  It certainly wasn’t bad, but he is an avoider of conflict so he just gave her a wide berth.

Miles handled the courses pretty well and had absolutely NO issue with her teeter even when Melanie stood right next to it with a screaming Smitty by her side!  Sweet!  She also had very very short weave poles out…like 16″ poles.  I was impressed that Miles recognized them as weave poles and performed them pretty well.  I’m going to start shortening some of my poles too and see if that lowers his head more and makes him faster.

So that’s 4 novel teeters so far without issue.  We’re going to drop in on a couple of classes at two different local facilities (one indoor and one outdoor) and go to some runthroughs at a separate outdoor place all within the next few weeks.  We’re entered in several trials coming up and he’s signed up for Standard runs so fingers crossed that this works!!

Oh and Rue did fabulously at her massage.  Her left shoulder was pretty tight behind the scapula and also a little tightness in her pectoral muscles on the left.  All knots were worked out so we’ll see how she does.  I noticed a tiny limp this morning after she flew down the stairs in our garage–oops, she is so sneaky!  It seems to be gone now though 🙂


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