C2P2 NADAC Trial PBH 4/4/09-4/5/09: Miles gets his Novice Jumpers title and his Open Regular title!


What a fun weekend we had!  Miles and I played NADAC on our home turf both days and ended up 6 for 7 all with first place finishes and earning us two new titles.  I had only originally signed up for Saturday morning, but because they had very few entrants they opened it for day of show entries.  My friend and I were on the fence, but we talked each other into going back this morning…so glad we did.

Generally, I would say the high points were Miles’ increasing comfort level with a trial environment and our ability to communicate as a team quickly.  I still notice areas in most runs that could have used better handling on my part, but overall I think this was our best weekend to date.


Entered Novice Jumpers, Novice Chances, and Open Regular Rounds 1 and 2.  We needed one leg in Jumpers and one in Regular to move up.  The Jumpers course was SO easy….like a big “S” shape and only required one lead change.  I chose a rear simply because I thought the front would have actually opened up the only possibility of an off-course.  We ran fast and happy and finished in 15.6 seconds calculating to 5.45 yps.  He placed first and we finished our title!  Unfortunately, the person I asked to tape me couldn’t figure out how to turn on my camera so no video for this run.

Novice Chances was pretty difficult and required a tunnel/aframe discrimination at a distance.  The tunnel was what we wanted and it was on the far side of the aframe.  Of course this would go against any of my handling, but I gave it a whirl and as he should have Miles took the aframe.  I was very pleased with this run even though we didn’t get the Q.  Mostly I’m proud of myself for staying off the gamble line 🙂

The Open Regular course was quite long and required a LOT of running on my part.  My butt muscles are just a bit sore today!  I was proud of him for executing the discrimination well, but I would like to be able to use less deceleration in order to get the near obstacle.  Will need to practice more subtle speed changes and rotation to get this.  I messed up on a rear cross before the aframe and sent him short of a jump.  Fortunately there are no refusals in NADAC and we still made it under time for a Q, a 1st place, and our Open Regular title!

Round 2 was a freebie as we already got our title, but it was fun to run with a little more risk.  It was actually a bit easier as there was no longer a discrimination.  He was a little slow on the dogwalk because of the proximity of it to the judge/scribe, but he got on it which is something that would have been too scary not that long ago.  I waas proud of him for making that weave entry and for my front cross after the weaves.  Miles is starting to blow his 2o/2o which I know is my fault because I’ve been to antsy to wait for him to get in position and have been quick releasing him almost on the verge of early releasing him lately.  He very obviously blew off the first aframe contact so I stopped him and said “oh oh”.  We lucked out with being able to go over the frame again and he nailed his position and I praised it highly 🙂  We still managed a Q and a 1st place.  


Decided that I’d do  Open Jumpers and one of the Elite Regular rounds as I didn’t want to stay all day.  Of course after I ran the first round I just *had* to stay for the second!  The Jumpers course was way fun and very fast.  I am so proud that I actually got in THREE front crosses on this course.  I think I lingered a bit too long at the jump after the tunnel and should have just started running as soon as he looked commited, so this was a little sloppy but we pulled it off with a Q and a 1st at 5.17yps.  We were actually the fastest of all jump heights!

The Elite courses were actually easier than the Open courses from yesterday.  No major tricks and still a fast course.  I was so super impressed with his weaves in Round 1…single tracking and really drivey.  I still need to experiment with making shorter poles to see if I can get his head lower, but this is the best weaving I’ve ever seen from him…ever.  When we finished the run and I was giving Miles his baby food from a jar I realized that I ran the course with his orange ball in my unzippered right pants pocket–whoops!  Somehow no one noticed and we pulled off a Q and a first place.  Again we were the fastest of all jump heights–not bad for our first time in Elite!!

I was lured into running Round 2 since the first was so fun!  Miles thought the start was stupid and decided to mosey through the poles until I started jogging in place…silly boy.  The rest was fast and fun.  Once again a Q and a 1st place for the Golden boy.

Up next AKC out of town followed by a Wendy Pape seminar at the end of April, yay!

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