Rue update and running contacts

Little Miss is doing great!  I’ve been slowly increasing her activity and she seems to be doing just fine, yay!  Yesterday after the trial I took the dogs to the lake and let them swim quite a bit.  Boy did she like that!  It’s funny because the last time I took them there in the Fall, she would rather sniff around on shore and find people to visit than swim.  This time I couldn’t keep her out of the water and she was doing really long retrieves with Miles, sweet!

I got her board out last night and had a fantastic session.  She was 100% with 5 hits being low and with her front feet and the rest with her rear.  Melanie thinks I need to start being more picky and reward the higher hits much less or not at all.  I’ll try that tonight, but I’m also raising the board up so things might get rather crazy!  Anyway, here’s her video from the session….she’s so stinkin’ cute!

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