Training update 4/8/09: Rue’s board and teeter training

Well, we moved it on up to two 2×4’s last night and Rue did great!  Her first attempt was a miss (I thought she hit so I rewarded it-oops), but then she was perfect for the remainder, yay!  I’m loving her enthusiasm in this session, she’s just really moving out fast.  Also I’m starting to be able to send her around the standards from further and further back which will only help me to see the contact better as we go forward.  So here she is, my cute little Rue:

We also did a session on the teeter.  I know I said I wasn’t going to do any more teetering because I thought we were good with dropping it from full-height, but I tried a few reps in class on Monday night and she was a bit more tentative than I would like.  We were also working on a new teeter for her and it’s pretty loud.  So Melanie had me go back and just work on getting her to drive up the board and then lower it with almost no drop at all.  She ended that session very happy, but when we started working last night she was still nervous.  She ran around the teeter the first two times, then ran and jumped off before the pivot, but then finally came all the way up.  We had a party while I slowly lowered it to the ground.  You can see her confidence grow as the session goes on…she’s such a cool little dog.  Totally worked through it.  So we’re going to go S.L.O.W. with this and just keep the confidence high and work on speed for I really don’t need another teeter-phobic dog!

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