Indoor agility and dangerous fences

Well, Miles and I survived our trip to the indoor agility facility for our drop in class Tuesday evening….well barely.  Miles really did great, but we had a little mishap while I was leaning over to try to get some treats out of my bag and Miles got spooked and jumped over the little fence separating the ring and took me sailing over it too, except I landed on top of the fence with my thighs and proceded to superman myself into the ring.  Most awesome.  I now have two HUGE bruises on both thighs that are just now starting to feel a little better.  I could barely walk yesterday 😦

However, aside from that event he was actually pretty comfortable.  They had the finals course from this year’s AKC Nationals set up and we ran it in two parts.  For those of you who saw the finals or know the course it is pretty difficult to do without a two -jump lead-out.  After that you have chute, jump, jump, teeter, tunnel, jump, 180, tunnel/dogwalk discrimination (which is where a lot of teams faulted).  So here were my concerns: 1.  Leaving him on the start line with a lot of people and dogs very close behind him (this concerns him to have stuff behind him) 2.  a strange chute being the 3rd obstacle 3.  the teeter.  All of that right after getting there seemed like it would be too much, but he did so great!  No issues with leaving him in a stand-stay.  He read my lead-out push into the chute and had no hesitation about going in it, so I rewarded him after that.  He picked his speed right back up again, had a small hesitation on the teeter (but he got on it-yay) after which I stopped to reward and then finished by getting the discrimination and had zero hesitation on the dogwalk.  Yahoo!  The instructor then had me run it again without stopping to reward and he looked amazing, very fast and confident and no longer hestitating on the teeter. 

The second half of the course was laid out a little different than the original course just due to spacing which made the triple after the weaves very awkward.  I tried it a couple of times by keeping him in my right and crossing in front of the poles to have him the rear the triple.  He didn’t like that much and kept pulling out of the poles when I crossed in front.  So I tried it with a rear at the poles and he LOVED that!  Very fast and happy. 

We finished the evening by running the whole thing and I thought Miles was just brilliant!  Yay buddy!!  We’ll be going back in a couple of weeks 🙂

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