Rue training update 4/16/09

Rue and I had a very strange board session last night.  I positioned the board in the opposite direction, so maybe that threw her off?!  She also was very distracted by the long grass and wanted to eat it before we got started.  After we finished she drank a ton of water, so maybe she was just getting tired and hot at the end when she was giving me bizarre behaviors…..

She started off by not sending around the standard, but gave a good but slow effort to hit.  I attributed that to the board position and lack of generalization thus far.  After that first rep she was 11 for 14 with the misses being jumps all in a row.  She then had a very nice hit and then started running off the side of the board three times, then around the board completely.   After she did a couple of off the side reps, I tried to make it easier by starting her close to the board and letting her run straight, but she still when off the side, then went around, then finally had a nice (but slow) hit and we ended it.  I ended up doing 20 reps which is a lot and more than I normally do so that could have been part of the issue as well.  I need to count out 10 cookies and put them in my pocket to use and just stick to that!  Here’s her video:

I let her rest for a bit while I worked Miles and then brought her out for a teeter session.  She rocked it, yay!


3 thoughts on “Rue training update 4/16/09

  1. Kristin,

    She doesn’t understand that the wood you’re using to prop up the board isn’t supposed to have anything to do w/ her performance. It looks like a completely different set up to her and it’s confusing her. I would cut the wood so it’s sized to the board width, and not sticking out at all.

  2. Thanks for the idea, but this is exactly how it’s been from the beginning. The camera angle is just different so you couldn’t see that wood before. I think it’s just that I flipped the direction and had everything in a new spot in my yard that threw her off. She also was very interested in/annoyed with the length of the grass and wanted to eat it 🙂


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