Getting psyched up for my weekend…

Miles and I are trialing in AKC at a new site not too far from home this weekend.  I’m starting him over in the Regular classes, so he’ll be jumping 24″.  We’ve been practicing at this height for several weeks now and he looks really great.  I’m totally pumped to go up there and smoke the JWW courses, but I’m of course a bit worried about the Standard courses.  We’ve actually never entered an AKC Standard course to date since he didn’t have his teeter and we’ve been working on overall confidence in general.  So wish us luck!!  I’d love to breeze through the Novice stuff right away so we can get some more challenging courses going.  What’s funny is, if we Q in pretty much every single AKC run coming up we could qualify for 2010 Nationals…how’s that for a crazy goal???  Haha!  I like to aim high 😉

Oh and Rue had a perfect 100% board session tonight.  The lawn was mowed, but other than that it was set up the same as the other night.  Go figure!

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