DKC AKC Day One 4/18/09

It was a rather hot day with the high being around 80 degrees which was about exactly the time that Novice was running.  This presented a challenge since there is no running water at this site and I know Miles is not used to the heat yet.  So I brought a large supply of water bottles and was able to at least wet him down somewhat before his runs.  Today should be a little cooler and at least with some cloud cover.

Anyway, Miles was amazing especially considering he’s never been to this site!  The Standard course was first and I can’t say I was completely confident that he’d do his teeter.  I had several back-up plans that Melanie and I discussed so I was prepared for whatever happened.  Mostly I wanted whatever happened on this run to increase the likelyhood that he’d be successful on the second day.  The course was really quite easy with the only trick being right at the beginning to cue a turn after the second jump to avoid the off course chute.  I definitely was handling conservatively as I know we could have pulled a better time, but I wanted him to build his confidence on this run.  Well, he rocked it.  No hesitation on the teeter at all.  Obviously I’d love to have him get to the point that he’s cantering up it as he does in practice, but he didn’t hesitate at all about getting on and didn’t even think about the pivot which is all I could ask for at this stage, yay!  After that point I got some speed going and he looked great!  A little slow with the weaves, the chute and the dogwalk, but those are other places of stress for him.  I pushed him past the last jump, but we fixed it and ended up in 2nd place due to the refusal there even though we had the fastest time 🙂  Here’s the video:

The JWW course was very fun.  I definitely pushed for speed and was the only one who attempted the front cross in the beginning.  Most teams opted for a rear before the weaves which most dogs didn’t read well.  I got so far ahead of him towards the end that I forgot to slow down to cue a turn.  He ended up slipping on the grass because he had to turn when he landed and ended up taking down a bar, dang it!  Oh well, I was super impressed with this run.  I’m starting to let go of the leash a little and trust him more which is so much fun!  We had the fastest time at just over 24 seconds!

We’re heading back in a few hours…wish us luck!


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