Durham Kennel Club AKC Trial Day Two 4/19/09

It was a much milder day today with good cloud cover and I was actually a little chilly when arrived around noon time.  Of course I was dressed as if the weather was the same as yesterday, so I was relieved when Melanie offered to let me use her jacket since she was leaving.  Despite my shivering, I knew Miles would be MUCH happier today without the added stress of the heat.

When I arrived I got the news that nearly all of my friends and fellow PBHers had double Q’d today, so I was hopeful that the luck would rub off on me as well.  I looked at the course maps and both looked to be easier today, so I was really feeling Karma on my side.  However, when it came time to walk the Standard class it became obvious that it was going to be a difficult start.  This judge really had great courses, but they were designed with several tempting off-courses in every run.  I planned to do a one jump lead out and try to book it out to put my front between obstacles 3 and 4.  With this plan I felt that I would be able to give him a lot of good lateral cues to keep him off of the very tempting a-frame.  Unfortunately, I allowed others to convince me that I need to put my cross between 2 and 3.  I was afraid that would give him too much forward motion cues, but I suddenly doubted my ability to get that far down the line.  As expected, Miles read my forward motion and jumped number 2 in extension (good boy) and headed towards the a-frame before realizing that I was changing leads.  With him at 24″ there is far less room for error and we unfortunately dropped a panel on the number 3, sigh.  After that I knew I could relax and just run, so that was kinda cool.  Miles didn’t like the placement of the a-frame near the crowd and did a creep down into his contact position (need to figure out a way to change his performance to a running frame anyway).  After that he looked awesome!  Miles CANTERED up his teeter and never broke stride across the dogwalk either, yahoo!  I was so excited that he did the teeter so well today that I forgot to do any handling for the weaves…oops.  Oh and I threw my leash at the timer and scibe…it got stuck on my finger….haha! 

We got it together for JWW though and this time I didn’t listen to anyone else 😉  He was naughty at the start line  so I had to have him sit and then he stayed fine.  I’m super proud of this run.  I got my front crosses in on time and he looks great!  I know that he can go faster, but I was definitely very impressed with how comfortable he was at this trial site.  My friends had something to say about my run apparently….

Up next:  Wendy Pape seminars and privates then away for indoor AKC (yikes)!

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