Gaylan’s Mad About Rue, CGC!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, that’s right….Rue passed her CGC test this morning!!  I couldn’t be more proud of her today.  I honestly did it on a whim as I heard there was a club locally putting it on for $5 and I had time to kill before the seminar this afternoon.  Rue acted like a champ…like she’s been doing obedience her whole life of 10 months!  I couldn’t get her attention off of me (except for the part when she had to walk politely past another GOLDEN, ack).  I got her back quickly though and all was not lost.  She did amazing on the stay portion and had the fastest recall I’ve ever seen which was punctuated at the end by her leaping in the air at me and barking, haha!  She was SO happy!  She also had zero issues with the supervised separation.  Basically she just hunkered down with her head between her paws and waited patiently for my return.  So stinkin’ cute, I swear.  So she got her first title, from what I’m sure will be a long list, today 😀

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