Training update 5/6/09

It’s been a while since I’ve updated on Rue’s board training.  We’re still plugging away at it and have now moved up to using three 2×4’s.  I need to find something a little more steady than a stack of 2×4’s soon!  She’s had only one session at the new height and hit 6/8 or 75%, but was rewarded for 7/8 ( I marked *as* she was jumping over the zone, oops).  It’s so hard to watch those fast little feet sometimes 😉  

I had moved the board to a different area to make sure we can keep generalizing the behavior at each stage.  This time it was about 8 feet lateral to a small dogwood tree.  She was so cute everytime I sent her up the left side of the board, she went out around the tree first and then around the standard to run the board!  On one of the last reps she went around the tree, then around the wrong side of the jump standard and ended up confused and running alongside the board.  I laughed at her, but I just couldn’t reward that….but it was adorable!  She looked at me like wait what am I doing…this isn’t right?!?! 

Here’s her latest session:

As far as Mr. Miles is concerned, we’ve been doing drop-ins of a Masters/Excellent B/Elite class down at an indoor facility on occasion to continue his journey into liking agility indoors.  We went down last night in the hopes that his little teeter scare over the weekend didn’t translate to teeters indoors.  Unfortunately for both my friend and I, the course they had set up was a JWW course.  She is there to proof her speedy BC’s teeter performance as she had had some occurences of not stopping on the board (all of her other contacts are running).  The class was very fun though and the course was nice a fast.  Miles had a grand ol’ time last night and was the fastest that I’ve seen him indoors!  He was very confident going in the building this time (our third visit) and didn’t even look around at all during our runs.  I even crated him next to the ring for the entire class!  At the end of class, the instructor let Melanie and I work our dogs on the teeter and both did fabulous, so it was a great night!

We have 2 entries in a local CPE trial this Friday evening to do some more teetering and I’m excited to see what I can get out of him!

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