Wigglebutts CPE trial 5/8/09

I entered Miles into a local CPE trial Friday evening for two runs.  I was hoping to get him on the teeter out there as he’s never been on it and CPE is fairly low pressure.  Miles is typically very happy trialing at this site so I was looking forward to our runs. 

Unfortunately the first run, Fullhouse, didn’t have a teeter 😦  Both runs that I entered were “design your own course” types which could be good or bad.  For me, if I can find something flowing then I’m pretty psyched but sometimes that’s just not possible.  We made it work for our first run and he did great.  Very fast and happy except for a brief moment where he went around a jump, but we got it back together for 30 points and a first place.

Our second run was Jackpot which is like a Gamblers course except this one was non traditional.  We had 30 seconds to gather points before the buzzer, then 20 seconds to hit 2 obstacles plus a contact obstacle and get to the table to stop the clock.  They had the teeter out in the middle of the field facing the crowd and I was determined to do it in our gamble despite the horrible location and the lack of flow leading up to it.  Unfortunately my friend who video’d this is having problems getting it to upload, but let’s just say it was not good.  Miles was having a great time running the course I designed (very open and fast) in fact he was going so fast that we ended up having to add obstacles while wait for the buzzer.  When we came around a corner the photographer was laying on the ground and that spooked him to the point that he refused a jump and broke our momentum.  At that moment, the buzzer went off and I had to try to serpentine a tire and a jump to get to the teeter.  He refused the teeter by going around it so I called him back…”ready ready” and he put 2 paws on it and hopped off….ok “sit.  good boy.  ready ready” and he again put 2 paws on and hopped off.  The second buzzer went off  so I had him sit again so he could be successful and ran out to get our cookies.  To say that I was disappointed is an understatement.

I’m hoping that I can get the video so I can watch it again because I’ve been agonizing over what happened with this run.  Could it be that he was so spooked by the teeter last weekend that he’s now going to refuse trial teeters?  Was it the location of the judge (right on top of me) that added too much pressure?  Was it that he got spooked by the photographer and then just couldn’t calm down enough to think about how to execute the teeter?  What was different about that part of the field that caused him to refuse a jump there in our first run?  Sigh.

Video at last 🙂

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