Teamworks Dog Training Club CPE trial 5/15/09

This was supposed to be a weekend off of trialing, but because Miles refused the teeter last weekend at another local trial I wanted to collect some data.  Miles had never done or seen the teeter at the site last weekend and he got pretty spooked by the cameraman, however he’s had several good experiences with the teeters at Teamworks during run-throughs.  My hope was that he would do the teeter here which would just continue to prove that it’s “other stuff” at trials that cause him to refuse the teeter not the teeter itself.

I signed up for the first two runs, Jumpers and Standard.  He had a grand ol’ time in Jumpers and had the fastest time with 18 seconds (5.1yps), but dropped a bar.  Not sure why but I’m sure I caused it somehow.  He did get a little distracted by the judge when he came out of the first tunnel and slowed a little, but recovered just fine for the remainder.  Here’s his run:

The Standard run looked to be quite fun and the best news was that the teeter was the second obstacle.  Couldn’t get more perfect than that!  Nothing to “mess up” or stress out about before it 😉  Mr. Fabio was a crazed man before this run…tugged on his leash while growling at me, barked loud at me for his treats, and was just really fired up before heading into the ring.  When we got in there, I grabbed his scruff and said “who’s naughty…are you naughty?  ready?  ready?  READYYYYYYYY?” and off he went like a shot.  No hesitation on the teeter and no reaction to the bang.  I made a booboo by not cueing a jump and then asking him to come back (hard habit to stop), but he had a great run with great speed over the dogwalk (didn’t totally stop in 2o/2o, but stopped on the ground) and I thought his a-frame looked fantastic!  He’s digging the “running a-frame” we’re doing now.

So the things that were different here were:

1.  No automatic “go” button
2.  No cameraman
3.  Very small trial, so no crowds or tents
4.  Familiarity of the teeter
5.  Historically great experiences at this site
6.  Teeter at beginning of course
7.  Judge further away from teeter

We’ll see how this progresses, but I feel like I have a lot to work with now to help him become even more comfortable 🙂

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