Training update 5/22/09

There have been a few new changes over the last week or so around here. 

Rue got her prelim hip and elbow films done which are pending review from OFA.  The vet who did them thought they looked great (for what that’s worth) and the best news is that her growth plates are fully closed, yahoo!  Number one, she’s not going to get any taller (yay, her last unofficial measurement was 19.75″), but also I have been able to start some jump work at speed as well as weave training!!

She’s had two sessions with 2×2’s and completely understands the entry.  We’re now starting to “work around the clock” with 2 poles….will try to get some of this on tape soon.  I totally love Susan Garrett’s method on teaching weaves with 2×2’s.  I retrained Miles’ weaves last summer using her method and except for the occasional soft side entry, he’s pretty solid (have some new suggestions to work on to help this).  I figure she’ll be weaving 12 poles by the middle of the summer.

I have also made her a new board for contact training.  I am now using a 2×12 and have painted it with non slip blue paint with plans to add a 30″ yellow contact zone (for now I’m just using tape).  She’s had two sessions with this board at the same height that I had the previous board at and she looks fantastic!  Her hits are mainly with her front now and nice and low.  I think the added length (from 8 to 12′) plus the non slip surface has really helped her striding.  Here’s her session from last night…looks like I might be able to raise it up soon!

I’ve been working on some handling with jumps as well and am amazed at how easily she’s picking up on things.  I taught her to jump using Linda Mecklenberg’s foundation exercises.  Right now the bars are set to 16″, but as soon as she’s showing good form on a stationary 20″ jump I’ll move them up.  I still only do jump training 2-3 times per week as I don’t want any soft tissue injuries.  Here she is flying along in a little home set up last night.  She dropped a couple bars when she was unsure or my timing was off.  I need to start teaching her what a rear cross is 🙂

With Mr. Miles, I’ve cut his weave poles down to whither height in order to teach him to lower his head more.  I’m hoping this will help him increase his speed in the poles.  So far he’s liking the shorter poles and his form is improving.  Will video some sessions soon.  Last night I worked on proofing his 2o/2o using Rue’s board.  He always wants to play on her board after she uses it…silly little boy…so I figured I’d let him and found a way to make it a learning experience for him 😉

We’ve got home court advantage this weekend for USDAA!  I’m looking forward to some fast and fun runs with good teetering experiences 🙂  It would also be nice to pick up the last leg needed for his PII Jumpers title….but I’ll be happy with fast runs regardless!

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