PBH USDAA Trial 5/23-25/09: General Overview


I’m still too whiped out to even begin to write much about our weekend.  Overall, Miles and I had a very good weekend.  It was quite hot and by yesterday I could tell it was affecting him.  We only entered Saturday and Monday, but we were busy outside on Sunday and he didn’t get as much of a rest day as he should have.

In summary, Miles finished up his PI Pairs title and his PI Snooker title.  He also got a voucher for his Grand Prix/Performance National Standard run and is just one leg away from both PI Gamblers and PI Standard titles!  The only runs we didn’t Q in were PII Jumpers due to bars and miscues from me, oops. 

Even though he did great on paper, I thought he just wasn’t giving me all that he could nor what I expected from him on our home turf.  Outside of the ring he was VERY comfortable…he crated under my new shade tent both days and had no problems warming up right next to the ring.  Inside of the ring, he didn’t seem to mind the “go” button, the snooker flags, ring crew or the timer/scribe.  I think he was more comfortable with the judge’s position as well…he blew right by her and almost knocked her down in our Gamblers run yesterday!  Unfortunately, he just didn’t have the speed that I have come to expect from him and his bars in Saturday’s Jumpers run were likely due to the trial photographer.  Similarly, his bar yesterday was caused by him looking at a spectator who was leaning on the fence.   

I obviously need to work on desensitizing him to the sight/sound of the large cameras and probably to people close to the fence.  His slower speed may have just been due to heat and fatigue.  He’s never done that many runs in one weekend and the runs yesterday were back to back.  I had also taken him for a short trail run in the morning where we became surrounded by coyotes who were obviously not just watching us.  I’ll just have to see how he is in class tonight speed wise.

Will post more specifics later with videos 🙂

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