PBH USDAA trial 5/23-25/09: Details

Finally getting a chance to upload the videos and sit down to write about the weekend!


Entered Jumpers, Pairs, Standard, Grand Prix, and Gamblers.  Overall he did great!  He had a couple of bobbles in our first run, Jumpers, when he saw the photographer and dropped two bars.  However, I thought his speed was pretty good in this run and he was happy despite the bars and a miscue from me that sent him past a jump.  One of these days I’ll learn to just keep going with him because I truly hate it when I stop his motion to fix something.  In my defense, I had several friends who had come to watch us for the first time and I wanted to Q…ack.

Our Pairs run was very fun!  We were partnered with a woman and her Labradoodle from Virginia.  This was only that dog’s third trial and she was a little nervous about this run.  She did great and Miles really did nicely considering being the second dog and having to jump towards the ring gate to start and then go into a chute located 5 ft from the timer/scribe!  They got 1st place for this run which finished up our PI Pairs title 🙂

Next was Standard which always makes me a little nervous (teeter), but I tried to handle confidently.  He was a little slow throughout and popped out of the last pole when I took my eyes of of him for a split second.  There was some confusion trying to get him back into the poles, but he recovered fine for that.  No issue with the teeter, but was slow to down on the table which I think was due to the location (right next to where the photographer had been standing in Jumpers).  We got a Q and a 3rd place.

Right after Standard I had to run over to the other ring to walk for Grand Prix.  This was our first time entering this tournament and the course was challenging yet really fun.  Melanie helped me with a good plan and I felt very confident stepping to the line in this run.  I was unfortunately late on my first front cross which slowed him down a little.  He didn’t pick up speed again until the weave poles, but then knocked it out for a 1st place and a voucher to Regionals!

Our last run of the day was Gamblers.  I planned a fun course that maximized points and got us on the teeter one last time.  I mishandled his approach a little to the teeter (either that or he was sight seeing for a second) and he went around it, but had no issue getting on it on our second approach.  Because of the extra attempt at the teeter, the buzzer sounded sooner than I had planned so I had to make a funky approach to the Gamble.  Somehow, he saved my butt and entered the tunnel correctly and pulled off a 2nd place!


I started the day with a Masters Pairs run with Melanie.  I ran her older BC “Regan” while she ran her Vizsla “Austin”.  We had practiced for this quite a bit so I had a pretty good idea on what I needed to do for Regan.  Fortunately, she took the more difficult half and left a very fun fast portion for me.  The pair did great and I had so much fun!  I’m not sure what place we got, but it was a Q 🙂

PI Standard was a fun and easy course.  He nailed it for a 1st place…just one more leg to go!

Probably our best run of the weekend was PI Gamblers and it didn’t get on tape.  Miles had a lot of fun with the opening I planned and somehow read a rear cross in the gamble, but saved my butt and pulled it off despite for a 1st place.  Just one more for this title too!!

Very shortly after Gamblers, I had to walk for PI Snooker in the other ring.  By now it was 85 degrees and it was difficult to cool him down with just a dip in the kiddie pool and his cool coat.  We were the first dog to the line as well, so he didn’t get much of a break and it showed.  He was slow and my course was not as flowing as I would have liked, so pretty demotivating for him.  I also got confused after the opening so there was a moment of wandering around in the middle of the course before I figured out I had to start the closing.  Despite all this he continued to work and we nearly finished the closing.  Got 2nd place because of time, but not points!!  He only noticed the flags once on his way down the frame in the closing and I’m fairly certain it was only because he was stressed due to the weirdness of the course I planned and the heat.  That finished his title 🙂

Last was PII Jumpers in that same ring.  All I wanted was a fast confident run with or without a Q to try to make up for the Snooker run.  He reacted to my push for speed well, but unfortunately looked at someone who was leaning on the fence and knocked a bar.  Then I miscued a rear and pushed him wide around a jump, but we kept going and he recovered great! 

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