Rue’s training update 6/6/09

Just a quick post to show some recent videos of Rue’s running contact training and teeter training. 

 Her board has been at 16″ for six sessions and she’s been 95-100% each time.  I’ll be moving it up about 6″ tonight to see what I get.  Here’s her session from last night.  I love how she gets better and better hits, after her third rep she’s getting multiple feet in the zone 🙂

Her teeter is coming along great too.  I’m dropping it from full-height and she’s showing a lot of drive and confidence.  I’ve also added jumps before the tunnel and after the teeter to make it more of a sequence.  I’ve also moved the teeter further away from the tunnel.  Here’s a few quick reps….not her driviest, but still pretty decent.  I’ll stay with this a few more times to make sure she’s still driving to the end and then will start decreasing the time that I’m holding it up.  I also need to make sure we practice on both teeters at PBH.

It feels weird to have a day off of trialing, but we’ll be showing locally for AKC tomorrow and Miles will make his debuts in both Excellent A JWW and Open Standard!!

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