Moore County Kennel Club AKC trial Bon-Clyde Learning Center 6/7/09

Only entered one day of the trial this weekend after coming off of two 3-dayers back to back.  In retrospect I wish I had entered both days because I didn’t get into a trial later this month 😦  We’ve only ever trialed at this facility one other time for one run back in January.  At that time he was very stressed being indoors and especially here as it’s a very odd set-up.  Since then I’ve been here for four drop-in classes and we’ve just had more indoor experience in general and more trials under our belt.  I was definitely looking forward to seeing what he thought of it here this time.

Well, he was vibrating with excitement when we pulled into the parking lot!  I left both dogs in the car initially because it was actually pretty cool this morning.  When I got him out of the car he was a bouncing fool…very happy and excited.  The last time we were here he was terrified to go in the door of the arena, but this time he dragged me in and immediately went over to the table in the corner, put his feet up on it and stole a bunch of other people’s cookies…naughty 🙂  The Excellent JWW course was very fun to run and I thought he did just perfectly for his first time out.  His jumping was very extended and his lines were efficient.  I need to work on weave pole speed but I was VERY pleased with this run.  He came in 1st at 5yps, yahoo!

We had a long break before Open Standard and, after an initial struggle and a few head butts later, he relaxed comfortably in his crate.  During that time I worked with Rue on the practice jump with some LM stuff including recalls-to-heel and basic one-jump work.  We also worked on rear-crosses on the flat and downs while moving with recalls.  She was a superstar.  Laser focused on me despite all of the activities around her.  Never once broke her stay to go play with another dog or visit anyone….I guess she’s growing up!  Can’t believe she’s going to be 1 in a couple weeks!  I also had a friend help me measure her and this time we got 19.75″….so she’s somewhere between that and 20.5″.  It will be interesting to see what she officially measures in a couple of months.

The Open Standard course looked to be a really fast and fun.  I walked a good plan that got me down the line and ahead to show him where to go.  I got so far ahead with a “send-and-go” that I didn’t cue a slightly off-set jump and he went around it.  When I tried to correct him he back jumped it then went back over it the correct way.  At that point I thought I was out of the running so I decided to just really push him and handle with more risk.  Aside from a little table issue (definitely something that needs to be fixed pronto), he was amazing.  I got a front cross in after both the aframe and the teeter (where I thought I’d have to rear) and got great lateral distance off the poles.  Not only did he not blink before the teeter but his weaves were fast and he smoked across the dogwalk faster than I’ve ever seen him.  I also pushed his contact by trying to keep moving….and he didn’t stop.  Naughty.  So I paused and stared at the ground.  He stopped and looked at me like “oops” and then I released him to the final jump.  It was SO much fun to run him that way!  Turns out that I learned from last weekend to always check the results and amazingly he Q’d and came in 2nd (due to faults)!  Holy crap!  No video for this one as all of my friends had left….I asked a stranger and she said “no” 😦

Edited to add the Open Standard course map:


So now we have a long break until July 4th weekend when we travel to a new indoor facility.  It’s on turf…we’ll see what he thinks of that!

2 thoughts on “Moore County Kennel Club AKC trial Bon-Clyde Learning Center 6/7/09

  1. Had to chuckle at the stranger saying “No” to taping you…I couldn’t get anyone to tape at my last 2 trials either.

    I have seen the place with the white indoor walls in some of Melanie’s videos and it gives me the creeps. I can’t explain it. I don’t know if it’s the fluorescent lighting, the tiny windows, or the plain white walls, but it somehow gives me the creeps. It’s not like any horse arena I’ve ever seen, so I guess I just don’t know what to make of it!

  2. Yeah, it stinks when all your friends are in Excellent and they ditch you 😉

    It’s a very odd trial site. It’s nice since it’s air conditioned, but it puts a lot of pressure on Miles because it’s SO enclosed. There is nothing other than the ring and 2 short rows of fold up chairs in there. The warm up area is about 6×8 feet….very tiny!

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