Rue board 6/7/09

Here’s a clip from Rue’s board session last night.  This was her third attempt at 24″ and she makes it look easy!  Only jumped once and the rest were low multiple foot hits.  I’ve changed my board set-up completely now that it’s higher and added a 3×4′ ramp for her to get up onto the board.  This is working great for now as it’s about at a typical a-frame angle, but I’ll need to attach a longer board if we go up significantly again.  What I love is that we are seeming to be able to raise the board by a bigger and bigger percentage each time.  We spent what seems like eternity at 2-4″ and now we’re just sky rocketing!  I am now at 50% of a normal dogwalk height so the other cool thing is I can start working her on the down ramp of  a lowered dogwalk at PBH 🙂

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