Training update 6/14/09

We had a great weekend off from trialing.  I think Miles enjoyed “being a dog” by going hiking twice, being a lazy slob in the house, and doing some training here and there.  Yesterday I met up with a couple of friends and built the Large Team Standard course from the FCI World Championships from last year.  We all had a blast running this course!  Miles had a couple of little issues the first time through, but generally ran very well. 

Miss Rue is blowing my mind!  Since we were out at PBH I figured I would work on a couple of things that I don’t normally have access to or just don’t take the time to do at home.  I worked on rewarding her for her head being low coming out of the chute as she’s come out almost leaping in the air before and I don’t want her to injure herself.  She seemed to get that very quickly.  I also lowered the jump bars to 16″ and “walk handled” most of the course (except for the contacts and weaves).  After walk handling, we ran it and the little miss did fantastic!  It’s unreal how well she understands what I want her to do…serps, pinwheels, and threadles are no issue for her.  I did also take the time to work on our rear cross which I think she’s finally getting, sweet!  Oh and one of my friends helped to restrain her for some teeter work which I’m dropping from full-height and decreasing the amount of time that I’m holding the board.

Rue was very busy because also over the course of the weekend, she can now weave 4 straight poles and is allowing me to do rear crosses, front crosses, and pushes!  I only added the second set of 2×2’s on Friday night!  I will add another 2×2 in front of the 4 poles this evening 🙂  I’m actually using a little twist on Susan Garrett’s method and instead following something that Mary Ellen Barry published in the April issue of Clean Run Magazine.  I retrained Miles with SG’s method last Summer and really liked it, but wanted to try this out for fun.  I’m amazed at just how fast she’s learning.  Here’s her latest video:

Her board has still been at 24″ for the weekend, but I changed her approach.  She’s now getting on the board by way of another 2×12 that’s 6′ long which is less of an angle from what I had with the 3×4′ board.  I didn’t want to increase the height and change the board all at once, but she’s now had two very successful sessions with the new set-up so I’ll need to raise it up again tonight.  In the last two raises we’ve gone up 6″ and 8″ respectively.  I plan on going up about that same amount again this time.  I think I’ve also convinced my husband that I *need* to buy a real dogwalk!  Here she is from her first attempt at the new set up yesterday.  A little slow on the first rep because I think she’s figuring it out then she just flies!

Oh and a photo of what this contraption looks like now:


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